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Details Introduction Of Spray Paint Filling Machine

Good quality Semi Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine for sales
Good quality Semi Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine for sales
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Details Introduction Of Spray Paint Filling Machine

Details Introduction Of Spray Paint Filling Machine

The role of spray paint


There are many benefits of all kind spray paints, it beautifies, decorates, extends life, and improve performance the objects.


The main ingredient of spray paint


(1) Oil: including dry oil and semi-dry oil, is one of the main film-forming material.


(2) Resin: including natural resin and synthetic resin, is also a major part of the film-forming material.


(3) Pigments: including coloring pigments, physical pigments and anti-rust paint, the specific variety is quite numerous, as the secondary film-forming material.


(4) Thinner: including solvents and thinner, used to dissolve the above substances and adjust the consistency, as the auxiliary film-forming material.


(5) Accessories: including driers, curing agents, plasticizers, moisture-proof agent. Also belong to the auxiliary film-forming material.


The anti-corrosion principle of spray paint


Metal corrosion is that the metal surface in the humid environment reacts with the oxygen in the air to produce loose oxide layer, and the reaction sustained. If the metal surface coated with paint, it can completely cover the metal surface, so that they can not touch the moisture and air, so as to achieve the effect of anti-corrosion.


How to choose the spray paint filling machine?  


Spray paint filling machine has semi-automatic type and automatic filling type, semi-automatic type consists of liquid filling, crimping and gas filling parts.


Applicable aerosol can diameter is 35mm-70mm and height is 70mm-330mm. It is made of SS304 stainless steel, needs to be customized if for 316L stainless steel; It is multi-used for producing normal aerosol products, can reach 5000-8000cans/day, a good option for small-scale production.



Automatic filling type consists of cans arranging machine- glass ball place machine- two liquid filler- valve inserting machine- valve correct device& crimping& two gs filler- packing table, it is for permanent production, has a large production capacity.








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